Managed Services


Carrell Technology works with clients to plan the most effective solutions that meet or exceed their current and future needs and still fit their budget. Whether it’s a single small office or multiple branch office locations we can meet your expectations.


Carrell Technology has spent the time and effort to cultivate relationships with major hardware and software vendors and provide our clients with the benefits. From servers and rack enclosures down to printers and scanners we can find what your looking for and help to keep your project on budget.


Carrell Technology builds infrastructures customized to each client. Purchasing the hardware is only half the battle. Getting servers and workstations loaded with all the critical software and configuring them to work efficiently is the other half. Our years of experience have streamlined the installation and configuration for hardware, software and networking components. We’ve performed the trial and error so you don’t have to.


Setting up new hardware, running cables and keeping everything tidy is an art form. Proper deployment can be just as critical as provisioning software and hardware. Making sure everything is connected and testing as you go helps avoid costly troubleshooting and downtime later.


Proper technology management can save significant amounts of money by avoiding unexpected downtime and expensive hardware failure. If a client doesn’t have a dedicated technology department manages services is the next best thing. A minimal monthly fee assures response within 24 hours. Remote monitoring and support solutions help alert technicians to trouble before it becomes an emergency.


Don’t have an IT department? Let Carrell Technology provide the support services you need to keep your infrastructure humming along. We proactively monitor your network for issues and address them sometimes before you even know there’s a problem. We can provide essential process training for your staff in the most effective use of common software like MS Office and efficient use of network resources. With a phone call, an email or a direct support ticket submission you have all our experience and expertise at your disposal. Our staff can connect with your machine remotely, diagnose and potentially correct common issues without an office visit.

Carrell Technology offers a free network assessment to determine your needs and provide competitive pricing for hourly, monthly or annual support agreements.

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